Developing the Leader-Coach

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What is it?

A programme to introduce and embed the practice of coaching into day-to-day leadership with individuals and teams.

A programme that can be delivered at a number of leadership levels in the organisation e.g. Team, Functional, Divisional, Board.

A programme that incorporates skills development and learning from practice through the individual and group supervision.

Why do it?

Coaching is an integral skill of leadership.

In these high pressured times, maintaining a coaching style and presence is one of the first casualties and yet is critical to keeping teams and individuals on-track and creating results.

No organisation will develop a coaching culture unless it is seen to be important to the people at the top of the organisation.

The credibility and influence of the leader can be enhanced by integrating coaching into day-to-day leadership practice.

To engage, to inspire, to motivate, to retain, to plan succession, to recognise, to create and embed change, to deliver the best performance, to build really effective relationships, to increase personal authority and play a bigger part on a bigger stage......

How it works

A development programme to enhance coaching skills and style.

Including 4 individual and 2 group supervision sessions as part of an ongoing development process.

Use of Coaching Signatures TM to provide an evaluative and self-reflective psychological profile, which enables Leaders to recognise and understand their most developed and natural coaching style.

Co-creation of an ongoing development plan for you to use to self manage your learning as a Leader Coach.

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