Executive Coaching

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What is it?

A process by which leaders engage in intense learning about self, others, key relationships and performance.

An opportunity to explore and define their unique strengths and realise their fullest potential.

An appreciation of being truly authentic with themselves and others.

A deeper connection with their meaning and purpose that guides everything they do in life.

Working one on one with an accredited and qualified executive coach, a supportive and trusting partnership is created providing a gateway for greater self-awareness, behavioural change and development of new skills.

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Why do it?

To engage, to inspire, to motivate, to retain, to plan succession, to recognise, to create and embed change, to deliver the best performance, to build really effective relationships, to increase personal authority and play a bigger part on a bigger stage......

How it works - 4 stage process

Establishing the working partnership
  • Chemistry session
  • Agreeing working contract
  • Identify personal vision
  • Assessment/self diagnosis
  • Alignment to business/line manager
Elements of each session
  • Set session objectives
  • Explore progress
  • Identify obstacles
  • Agree accountability
  • Commit to activity between session
Work between sessions
  • Experiments with new behaviours and skills
  • Reflection and journaling time
  • Identify of areas of potential
  • Meet with stakeholders
Evaluating ROI
  • 360 assessment
  • Review of progress against goals and vision
  • Plans for sustaining and continuing growth
  • Celebrate success

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