Systemic Team Coaching

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What is it?

Systemic team coaching is a process by which teams engage in an intense learning experience both as a collective and individuals. Improving team performance, how they work together and how they collectively develop their leadership to effectively engage, influence and transform their key stakeholders across the organisation.

Working with a systemic team coach they explore and define each individuals‘ unique strengths with the aim of realising the fullest potential of the whole team as well as an appreciation for the diversity and potential creativity of the team, using this to build and sustain a productive energy. From here there is an opportunity to define shared meaning, purpose, vision and goals for the team in relation to its organisation.

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How it works

Initial dialogue and diagnostics with the whole team and individuals, around what supports and what is preventing them from being a high performing team.

Input from the wider organisation as to the team effectiveness and impact.

Coach observation to identify team dynamic, strengths, struggles and opportunities.

Agreement of goals for team coaching.

A series of customised facilitated team sessions to explore and work with the team experience.

Individual coaching sessions with team members.

Explore and use the team’s experience of conflict and tension to open up opportunities and creativity.

Putting into ‘real-time’ action the changes identified as well as noticing and reflecting on what’s happening within and around the team.

Co-creation of on-going development plan and continuous review of progress against goals.

Why Do It?

To quickly build a high-performing team who are focusing externally on what needs to be achieved in the organisation.

To create commitment to each other and collective focus on the wider goals.

To create an ongoing learning opportunity by understanding and reflecting on the team process.

It provides a space where colleagues can help each other to think through ideas and share lessons.

It surfaces knowledge that is often difficult to articulate but is just known. The process of questioning and reflection can reveal new insights.

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