Building Coaching Capability

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What is it?

Building Coaching capability within an organisation where not only formal coaching occurs but also where most people use coaching behaviours as a means of managing, influencing and communicating with each other creates an environment that values learning and growth of its people.

This programme offers individuals a unique opportunity to accelerate their professional development and enhance performance.

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How it works

A learning programme incorporating development of coaching skills, coaching masterclasses and coaching supervision, leading to possible external accreditation.

Development of the internal coach through a journey from sound coaching skills development to experienced coach practitioner to internal coaching supervisor.

Co-creation of an ongoing development plan for self-managing the learning of the internal coach.

Why do it?

The benefit of coaching is that it "achieves measurable and sustainable performance improvement aligned with explicit business needs beyond what the individual thought was possible for themselves". It develops a culture that can yield significant organisational benefits.

A coaching culture promotes more open communication. It builds trust and respect.

It improves working relationships by showing how everyone can bring something to the party.

Everyone can recognise that part of their role involves facilitating the development of others. This, in turn, can bring significant operational improvements. Recent research by the CIPD suggests that 99% of managers believe in coaching as a tool for organisational and personal improvement and would like to develop a coaching culture in their organisation.

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