Coaching Supervision

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What is it?

A relationship which provides a formal learning process in which a coach engages with a more experienced coaching practitioner and qualified coaching supervisor, in order to articulate, reflect on, evaluate and receive support to monitor his or her practice.

It provides checks and balances to ensure best practice, optimum performance and ongoing professional development.

A process by which a Coach can learn to better understand their client and the wider system they are apart of - enabling their client to achieve their goals and ambitions and enhancing the practice of the Coach.

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Why do it?

The opportunity to reflect on and review coaching techniques in a confidential relationship thereby ensuring best practice.

Understanding your unique coaching style and how this can be used and adapted to benefit your client’s needs and optimise your own performance as a coach.

To clarify and explore your values and purpose as a coach and how these inform your choices.

Exposure to a wider range of coaching tools and techniques.

To get support and exploration during challenging times in your practice as a coach.

The supervisor provides a confidential relationship within which to consider ethical and boundary issues and other concerns.

How it works

Regular meetings of 1-2 hours to engage in deep dialogue and reflection on your coaching practice.

Use of Coaching Signatures TM to provide an evaluative and self-reflective psychological profile, which enables coaches to recognise and understand their most developed and natural coaching style.

Co-creation of an ongoing development plan for you to use to self manage your learning.

Coaching Signatures

Coaching Signatures TM is a coach development tool, used mainly in coaching supervision.

It identifies a coach’s unique Coaching Signature i.e. the way that they behave and manage the dynamics of the coaching relationships.

It can be used to:

Analyse the coach’s current position in the coaching relationship.

Identify the coaching style which best suits the needs of the coachee.

Give rapid, deeper personal insight into the influence and consequences of their current coaching style, strategies and behaviour.

Indicate what supervisory direction and psychological support the coach needs.

Coaching Signatures enables the coach to recognise and understand their most developed and natural coaching style.

In supervision, it can be used to help the coach tune into and use different coaching styles to different ends.

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