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What is it?

The Coaching Option Ltd offers clients the services of a Coaching House, enabling easy access to experienced, qualified, accredited coaches, both in the UK and overseas. It offers business, executive and leadership coaching to individuals and groups in need of development support to progress and be their best, focussing on leadership challenges, personal growth and transition to new roles.

The Coaching House accommodates a core team of accredited coaches and an additional pool of associate accredited Coaches. All of our Coaches hold formal coaching qualifications, many at Masters level, have held Leadership roles in organisations, have extensive coaching experience and adhere to the Global Coaching Code of Ethics. Our Coaches bring a diversity of psychological perspectives and contexts of practice.

Why the Coaching House?

Critical to the success of any coaching development strategy is ease of implementation. To be effective, it must integrate seamlessly into your Operations. This is a crucial point of difference working with The Coaching Option Ltd.

We provide a single point of contact for your organisation. This ensures the process and resources are applied where and when they are needed with no disruption to existing staff and operations.

The Coaching House engagement Consultants are professionals who partner you in the process, helping with your decision-making and the matching process between Client and Coach. It is our job to make hiring and managing Coaches easy, whilst providing the tools to track results and measure performance.

We will help you navigate and respond to the external pressures you face. We will explore your needs with you personally and see how we can add real value. We will provide qualified, accredited and experienced Coaches who excel in their profession.

The structure would offer ease and would work to integrate seamlessly into your operations e.g. facilitating the matching process, ensuring quality and best fit at a competitive price.

Whether you need a large-scale, organisation-wide programme or help with a single business unit or market, we can scale our coaching solutions to meet your development goals.

How it works

To ensure we make the right coaching match, the first step is to collect key data in Coach and Client profiles. 

Client profiles are comprised of two parts. The first part is the Clients professional resumé. The second part is a written document in which the Client answers four questions:

What is the challenge or opportunity that I am bringing to coaching?

What is my experience with coaching?

What are my expectations for the coaching relationship?

What characteristics do I seek in a Coach?

Coach profiles provide a short introduction to the Coach and are comprised of two parts. The first part is the Coach’s professional resume. The second part is a three-to-five-minute video in which the Coach describes his or her background and coaching philosophy. The Coach will also give an example of a representative coaching engagement. 

With the Coach and Client profiles in hand, the optimal match is a function of three key components - commonality, compatibility and credibility - between Client and Coach. Commonality refers to professional and life experiences that are shared by a Coach and Client. Shared professional experiences may include working in the same industry, function or employer, while shared life experiences may involve living in the same region or attending the same university.

Compatibility serves as an indicator of Client-Coach fit or ability to work together productively. Personalities and working styles of the Coach and Client should not be identical. There is a need for strong connection and mutual trust that enables the coach to strike the right balance between support and challenge.

Credibility is often the product of the Coach’s knowledge and experience. It is through credibility that a Client begins to place trust in a Coach. Credibility counts, particularly as it relates to a Coach’s ability to support the Client in overcoming a challenge or taking full advantage of an opportunity.

We use this matching formula of Client-Coach commonality, compatibility and credibility, along with key inputs contained in Coach and Client profiles. Once this part of the process is complete, Clients will be matched with a recommended Coach or be invited to choose from three suggested Coach profiles.

Cath Harries

Cath Harries is an Executive Coach and Leadership Development Consultant with over twenty years’ experience helping people thrive, both personally and strategically in their careers. Her clients find her warm authenticity and open, pragmatic approach builds trust quickly, allowing for robust conversations, in service of their growth. She also brings strong commercial acumen, having qualified as a Chartered Accountant with PwC in her early career.
Cath helps individuals and groups deepen their self-awareness, explore their impact and develop techniques that increase choice and build confidence. She also draws on her Somatic Coaching practice, paying attention to both mind and body, to help clients step out of auto pilot and reconnect with the present, helping them progress through difficult experiences. This deeper exploration brings about sustainable change.

Gilly Rutherford MA

Gilly has a strong business background and extensive experience in Coaching, Leadership & Organisation Development and Business Transformation.
As a Coach and Coach Supervisor her approach is systemic, client centred and takes account of the complexity of the business environment. She focuses on the inter-dependent nature of business relationships and performance, and encourages individuals and executive teams to demonstrate the character of true leadership.

Her style is always pragmatic and creative and is underpinned by a belief that authenticity is the means for accessing and fostering untapped potential.

James Butcher

James is an experienced coach who has worked with senior executives at Arup, PwC, Coca Cola, Telefonica, across local government and the NHS. He is a faculty member of the NHS Leadership Academy, and part of the team providing a new on-call resilience coaching service for NHS staff.

James has contributed case studies of his work to the leadership book “Positive Psychology at Work: How Positive Leadership and Appreciative Inquiry Create Inspiring Organizations”, and has written a chapter on resilience for the recently published “How to be a Nurse or Midwife Leader”. He is undertaking a Diploma in Coaching Supervision.

Paula Hutchings MSc

Paula is an Ashridge Accredited Executive Coach and is also experienced and accredited in the following psychometrics and coaching approaches:- Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQ-i), Myers Briggs (MBTI), Firo-B, Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI), Resilience Questionnaire & Belbin Team Roles as well as Leornian Consulting’s own 360°feedback evaluation.

Paula began her professional career at British Airways where she developed her expertise in Executive Development and delivered a number of high-profile global projects. She is a Director at Leornian Consulting; a company providing leaders with inspiring and innovative learning solutions which motivate, engage and transform performance

She has an MSc in Executive Coaching from Ashridge Business School and B.A in French & Portuguese from Southampton University.

Angela Jopling MA

Angela is an accredited coach and coaching supervisor who has worked with leaders and organisations for over 25 years. She brings a combination of a strong business background, extensive coaching experience and training in psychotherapy. She loves to do the work that enables leaders to stand in their best self more of the time and maximise the positive impact on their team and organisation. Angela is particularly interested in helping leaders tap into their wisdom, courage and compassion.

Martin Sealy

Martin is a Managing Director and experienced coach with an international background of over 25 years delivering results through the development of effective teams and individuals in leadership positions (or aspiring to lead), regardless of situational context or environment. Creating impact through behavioural change for teams and individuals has been Martin’s passion and primary focus in a wide variety of Corporate & SME’s organisations, throughout the UK, Israel, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Alison Reid

Alison Reid is an executive coach who helps professionals step into leadership and take their career to the next level. She helps them communicate more impactfully, delegate more effectively and focus on commercial priorities by working with them to make and sustain positive shifts in mindset and behaviour. An Oxford graduate with over 20 years’ international business experience cross-sector, she has worked for over 10 years with clients in finance, both in corporate and professional services, organisations including PwC, ICAEW and CIMA. Her coaching clients comment on how quickly she gets to the nub of the issue, how she strikes just the right balance between support and challenge, and on her ontological approach, grounded in neuroscience, which enables them to make sustainable changes in service of their objectives.

Wendy Bedborough

Wendy has a background in senior business and HR roles and a wealth of experience in Coaching and facilitating Leaders and their teams seeking to navigate an increasingly complex business world. Through her presence, intuition and the courage to challenge in service of their development, her clients quickly find she brings warmth, humour, energy and empathy encouraging them to find their confidence, sense of self, and authenticity as leaders. Her approach is drawn from both systemic and somatic approaches inspiring clients to engage with their authority, presence and impact whilst being mindful of the interdependencies in which they operate.

William Winston

William is an experienced executive coach and performance psychologist. An expert in team coaching, resilience and mental toughness, he builds trust rapidly, developing coaching relationships that harness strengths and get to the heart of what needs to be addressed. Leaders often find they need to evolve an approach that has worked in the past to meet the new challenges of the future, especially in more senior roles. After a business degree and early career in retail, William spent 14 years as a head tennis coach, whilst qualifying and setting up a successful practice as a psychotherapist and sport psychologist, then in 2006 returned to corporate life as a team and executive coach, continuing to work with Team GB and others in the world of sport.

Caroline Laycock

Caroline has over 20 years’ experience supporting leaders and their teams across a range of industries including professional and financial services, retail, Government Agencies and the NHS. Her coaching approach centres on helping leaders to ‘be themselves with skill,’ embracing topics such as authentic leadership, work/life blend and personal impact. In service of this she uses tools such as strengths profiling, values assessment and alignment as well as her own model for personal productivity. Caroline’s style is energising, warm and encouraging with a healthy dose of positive challenge.

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